MEXC Global - Launchpad with CropBytes (CBX)

CropBytes has been growing its crypto gamer community since 2018. CropBytes farming is based on sustainable economics like the real world. Gamers love the farming and strategic business challenges to play and grow their crypto farm. In this metaverse, gamers own farms, grow crops, raise animals and produce goods to grow their crypto farm. CBX utility token is an integral part of the growing CropBytes metaverse, and is linked to all in-game activities.

CropBytes was founded with a vision to drive the creation of real value for gamers around the world in the form of virtual currency. We believe that second life gaming will be a source of income for millions of people on the metaverse.

Project Highlights
The fundamental innovation in the game is the Balanced Economy which sets CropBytes apart from all the crypto games in the market today.
There is a healthy mix of Fungible Tokens(FT) & Non Fungible Tokens(NFT) while most other games today are focused on NFTs only. This solves multiple issues around liquidity, high frequency trades, low friction trades which ultimately grows the market cap of the game.
CropBytes game community is a 3-year old strong community of active players and is one of the few established Crypto games to be available on Playstore, Appstore and Web.

Project Links

Project name: Cropbytes (CBX)

Official website:

Total Supply: 500,000,000 CBX